Welcome to NewHope2008, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping poverty stricken families and children
by providing food, shelter, and educational support.

NewHope2008 chào đón quí vị.  Chúng tôi là một tổ chức bất vụ lợi với mục đích cung cấp thực phẩm,
nơi trú ngụ và yểm trợ giáo dục cho các gia đình và trẻ em nghèo khó.

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April 23, 2022

Dear friends / Các bạn thân mến:

This is a general update of the current and the next projects:
1.  Notebook/Bicycle projects:  They are all done.  Pictures and reports have been posted to our website:
2. Bridges An Hoa Bridge:  will be completed very soon, perhaps next week.  We have new pictures of the handrails:
Cau Mieu bridge:  we have progress' pictures loaded and have updated the thank-you list:
We are looking for sponsors for the tips to workers. They are working very hard, and don't make much due to the rising costs in materials.  We are done with making the name plaque, so donation for the tips will be documented on the sponsors' list on the website only.
3. Current project - Scholarship project:  We are collecting for this project until 
August 1st, 2022.  If you would like to help out, please send in your check before closing date.
4. Letters from Students:
Attached please find the letters from the students, some needs extra help. 
If you would like to help them, please let us know.  We will have a link to all letters on our scholarship webpage.
5. Special Projects:  All special projects requested have been completed: